Work Management Rapid Learning Bootcamps

Three days of hands-on skill development

Our Work Management Bootcamp is designed to teach you how to supercharge your Planning & Scheduling Process.

If you want to elevate or create your planning & scheduling efforts or to learn planning & scheduling optimization through The Work Management Planning & Scheduling Simulation™, this bootcamp is for you. Our simulation is an innovative, interactive means to transfer the many concepts of maintenance work management best practices, developed by LAI Reliability and based on our 36+ years experience in lean maintenance management.

Participants will see firsthand the negative effects of “doing what we’ve always done” in a typical reactive maintenance environment. From round by round analysis, teams make incremental improvements, in the way maintenance work is Identified, then planned & scheduled. We show the considerable increase in work accomplished between every round, not by working faster, but by managing the waste around the job.

This simulation goes far beyond showing the importance of proactive maintenance in the pursuit of reliability; it goes on to show the participants how it is attained.

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