Reliability Fusion™ - TPM Operator Care

The engine behind total maintenance optimization


The Total Productive Maintenance Module is Operator Care. It defines through a TPM Profile interface, “operator friendly” parameters which are flagged in the system and then utilizes state of the art technology to create stunning training aids for Operator daily upkeep.

Provide everything Operators need including Task instructions, Step by step detailed instructions, Estimates, Daily/Weekly check sheets. With the Round and Readings functionally, Fusion will collect, track and trend all desired reliability data such as pressures, temperatures, flow, speed…which normally lands up in a file drawer or if extraordinarily notable, manually entered on an Excel spreadsheet. Data readings automatically generate corrective work orders and notify users via email real time.

TPM Module can work both in a “paper” site, printing and managing Operator activities in a simple TPM Manager or “paperless” using simple, easy-to-use interface in TPM Performer. Any work identified can automatically generate work orders within Fusion or linked to a client’s CMMS.

Total Productive Maintenance Module Includes...

Create “Operator Friendly” Task Profile
Set it and forget it. Develop your site’s TPM profile defining “Operator Friendly” task qualifications. Once set you're notified when tasks meet your qualifications. The TPM Profile communicates directly with the PM module for a complete reliability strategy.

Print and Manage Operator Diagrams
Fusion’s TPM Manager automatically creates stunning visual aids and check sheets. Completing weekly activities is painless. Record, manage and run activity reports ensuring continued operational involvement.

Develop Operator Care Activities
Create and schedule TPM & 5S activities in the TPM Module. Tasks include all required task data ensuring consistency and accurate execution. Developing visuals has never been easier using Fusion’s Image Builder.

Paperless TPM System
Complete operator TPM  & 5S tasks through a visual-based interface right at your equipment. Generate automatic work requests as problems are identified to the CMMS Optimizer or your CMMS program.

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