TPM Operator Care

Focus your entire organization on reliability

Most are aware of the positive impact that Preventive Maintenance (PM) has within an organization, however, few feel their program is effective enough. In a very competitive global market the pressure for cost & price reduction is tremendous. Faced with the challenge of aging equipment, many organizations are just keeping their heads above water fixing what breaks and neglecting PM or doing what PM inspections they can, all while using overtime taxed technicians. What's the best way to break this vicious cycle? Utilize the operator as a low cost available resource for early detection of problems (TPM).

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), part of the Lean foundation & one of the most basic fundamentals of Asset Management /OEE improvement, addresses the manufacturing equipment losses of; Breakdowns, Set-up, Adjustments, Reduced speed, Scrap, and Rework. By addressing these losses, implementing a TPM program leads to significant manufacturing cost reductions.

LAI produces the following basics in building your TPM program:

  • TPM Standards Development
  • Analysis of Equipment TPM Needs
  • Development of TPM Visual References
  • TPM Process Kick-Off Program
  • Hands-on Operator TPM Training

We work with your organization building a constraint based TPM program that focuses not only on the fundamentals of TPM, but builds a program that is focused around the Value Stream; exploiting the constraints, ensuring that your efforts create Value. LAI's TPM program works with your employees as they learn-through-doing, addressing real equipment losses on key processes within your factory.

How It Gets Implemented

LAI’s Lean Maintenance Solutions & Services utilize the DMAIC approach of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, for our implementation processes ensuring optimum and  sustainable results. We have a 3-phase process that gathers data to quantify the business impact, creates a strategic plan and a detail deployment plan that provides tools, training, consulting and coaching. Click the button below to read more about how it works.

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