Rapid Learning Bootcamps

Three days of hands-on skill development

The Bootcamp Training Experience

Attendees will learn by working during intensive, hands-on days. Roll up your sleeves and be part of an exciting, action packed training experience; one that goes beyond boring classroom instruction to shop floor application of LEAN Maintenance Optimization processes.

Learn, Apply, Retain – Three simple steps to becoming fluent in Maintenance Optimization. These three words form the basis for everything you will gain from our Rapid Learning Bootcamps for a good reason. You will learn the process, apply it on actual equipment and see for yourself the transformation through your own effort. Simply put…you’ll get it.

PMO Bootcamp

This workshop elevates your Preventive Maintenance program to previously unreachable levels by fusing common sense and reliability disciplines wrapped around a 14 technique process.

Work Management Bootcamp

Whether you are looking to elevate or create your planning & scheduling efforts or to learn planning & scheduling optimization through The Work Management Planning & Scheduling Simulation™, our bootcamp provides an innovative, interactive means to transfer the many concepts of maintenance work management best practices.

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