Proven Results

Dramatically improve your maintenance and reliability key performance indicators through LAI’s Maintenance Optimization process. Greatest sustainable impact is made by targeting improvement activities directly at your constraint. The powerful combination of Constraint Management, Lean and best practices will have a ripple effect across your organization.

  • 85% increase in maintenance productivity by identifying and quantifying capacity killing non-value-added activities considered today as “just part of our job.” Eliminating these obstacles through Work Management in many cases doubles the flow of work through your existing resources.
    • With opened capacity; lower overtime, absorb outside contracted maintenance work, advance your planning function, manage the backlog
  • 40% reduction in preventive maintenance labor hours through 6 task removal techniques and 6 task optimization techniques. The combination of removing layers of ineffective PM built over the years under good intention of failure avoidance and proven task optimization which addresses every attribute of remaining PM tasks yields an average of 65% reduction of required maintenance resources. Once effectiveness is addressed by filling the analyzed gaps in the PM (additional PM content), an overall 40% average reduction in required maintenance resources is realized.
  • 35% decrease in scheduled downtime is obtained through a variety of techniques such as; Task Promotion℠, maintainability / accessibility, visual workplace which typically result in 45% of PM performed during operations/production.
  • 50-100% increase in PM and reliability accuracy / task count is realized through a review of unaddressed critical components and a failure review exposing missing reliability strategies around legacy PM data.
  • 30% decrease in unscheduled downtime is acquired through a combination of elevated PM accuracy and earlier problem discovery; through frequent operational inspections feeding a controlled work order system where planning and scheduling can maximize work execution.
    • Side benefit: by shifting work into a controlled status through earlier detection maintenance productivity (avg. 25% on reactive work) will increase to levels exceeding 40%. This added productivity almost doubles the volume of work moving through the existing maintenance system (addressed in LAI’s Work Management process).


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