PM Optimization Rapid Learning Bootcamp

Three days of hands-on skill development

Free 40% Labor from your PM’s while elevating reliability.

The demand for greater asset reliability and cost reduction has most of us turning to our PM Programs to identify savings. The challenge is what to do once you get there. Now you can learn the process that is changing the philosophy of PM’s across the industry. This award winning approach leverages LEAN principles found in 5S and Quick Change Over’s fused with the disciplines of FMEA & RCM while only requiring a fraction of the time and resources of other methods.

The PM Optimization bootcamp elevates your PM program to previously unreachable levels by fusing common sense and reliability disciplines wrapped around a 14 technique process resulting in:

  • 40% Reduction in PM Labor
  • 35% Reduction in Scheduled Downtime
  • 50% Increase in PM Coverage

The PMO Bootcamp Outcome

A proper PM Optimization exercise opens up multitudes of new improvement opportunities. You’re not just going to fix a PM. Using this proven process you’ll literally be breaking down activity by all parties, optimize them and as a result of the techniques taught you will end up with:

Assemblies and Components where failures occur taught, Optimized PM, TPM Operator Care visuals and check sheets, PdM tasks in all technologies, Lubrication tasks, Measurement and readings, Standardized Job Plans, and the application of Visual Workplace and Maintainability Accessibility best practices.

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