Reliability Fusion™ - PM Optimizer

The engine behind total maintenance optimization


PMOptimizer is preventive maintenance software that brings the powerful process of PMO right to your desktop. PMOptimizer is used to develop and optimize the most efficient preventive maintenance strategies including, PM, PdM and CBM activities.

Optimize at incredible speed with Drag and Drop PM Loader, link tasks to components in your equipment uncovering task redundancy and expose gaps of existing PM coverage, optimize in an intuitively friendly user interface which compares each aspect of existing PM and walks the user through each step of optimization. Include every attribute found in best in class PM’s including; components and failure modes/indicators, standardized tasks with easy look up tables, task promotion, ideal craft assignment, P-F Interval calculator for frequency assignment, separate tasks into running/down status, detailed tasks instructions, tools/parts/lubricants, images, unlimited track able measurements per task and easy to export CMMS software  functionality.


PM Optimizer Module Includes...

Optimization on Steroids
Fusion’s intuitive PMOptimization interface walks you directly through all 15 optimization techniques. Additionally, add detailed task instructions, measurements, PM job plans, images, parts, tools and lubricants. This automation provides power to tackle any PM.

Drag & Drop your Existing PM Data
Fusion’s PM Loader quickly disassembles multi-task PM’s, links them directly to components they are intended to protect with the click of your mouse. Quickly identify redundancy and expose critical gaps from step one.

Component & Equipment PM Library
Leverage your work Immediately with Fusion’s Library both at an equipment level as well as more highly leveraged component level. Share your work between exercises, within the site and across many sites within your corporation.

Equipment Criticality Calculator
Easily calculate criticality using Fusion’s ECR calculator. Customize and weigh the ready-to-use categories for your team to simply select pre-populated choices. ECR calculations adjust PM strategies, frequencies and work priority.

Reporting & Exporting your Results
Run all the reports needed to assess the impact of your work. Know the effectiveness and efficiency numbers, expand your PdM program, and export your PM data to your CMMS or Fusion’s CMMS Optimizer Module for total control.

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