Preventive Maintenance Optimization

PM Optimization techniques that maximize efficiency and effectiveness

Why PM Optimization? 97% of Preventive Maintenance programs need to be optimized. This fact leads us to the most fertile ground for fast, sustainable improvement.  The demand for greater asset reliability and cost reduction has most of us turning to our PM Programs. The challenge is what to do once you get there. Now you can learn the process that is changing the philosophy of PM’s across the industry. This award winning approach leverages LEAN principles found in 5S and Quick Change Over’s fused with the principles of FMEA & RCM taking a fraction of the time; resulting in...

  • 40% Less PM Labor
  • 35% Less Scheduled Downtime
  • 50% Increase in PM Coverage

You’ll need a plan for your freed up labor as the efficiency gained through PM Optimization opens capacity in your most controlled unit of work. The good news is that almost all of us have a backlog requiring labor.


PM Optimization Equivalence chart showing 5S Steps to optimization

How It Gets Implemented

LAI’s Lean Maintenance Solutions & Services utilize the DMAIC approach of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, for our implementation processes ensuring optimum and  sustainable results. We have a 3-phase process that gathers data to quantify the business impact, creates a strategic plan and a detail deployment plan that provides tools, training, consulting and coaching. Click the button below to read more about how it works.

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