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Maintenance Technical Training

LAI can assist in PM Development and Optimization through hands on technical training workshops.  With over 46 years of experience in numerous business segments and industries, LAI has the experience and expertise to help you build a robust, effective reliability strategy that focuses on increased uptime and throughput.

Our approach uses methodologies based in FMEA principles, and helps you efficiently and effectively create your PM activities in a collaborative group training session.  Those who attend will leave with an understanding of how to create effective PM strategies using a disciplined, repeatable process that can be applied to virtually any type of equipment.

LAI’s technical training services will help you identify the key missing pieces in your current PM’s, as well as help you understand how to analyze your equipment from a perspective that will ensure you have captured the vital information and activities needed to boost reliability.  We can also apply the same theory to developing PM’s for newly commissioned assets. This training is delivered in a combination of classroom activities and hands on work at the physical equipment location.

LAI has the flexibility to train your technicians at your site, or deliver a turnkey system by completing the analysis with our own resources and delivering PM’s directly to you in a format that can be imported into your CMMS.  Our services can be used in conjunction with our Reliability Fusion™ software, or as a standalone option for increasing the knowledge and effectiveness of your technicians.  

Please contact us for more information about how LAI Reliability Systems can help steamline your preventive maintenance processes!