Maintenance Management Training

Lean Maintenance Training for Strategic Planning

Public Training: Lean Maintenance for Managers Workshops

Lean maintenance management training workshopsThe Strategic Planning Series is the first ever maintenance management training series that guides managers through the process of creating a custom Lean maintenance improvement strategy based on their facility’s specific needs. You walk away with a clearly defined plan of action, designed with obtainable milestones to keep the project moving and successfully implemented.

Our focus is not just to educate you; it is to empower you by giving you existing, proven tools for accelerated results.

Lean Maintenance Bootcamps: The Bootcamp Training Experience

LAI conducts lean maintenance management training on-site for clientsDelivered on-site for our clients, attendees will learn by working during intensive, hands-on days. Roll up your sleeves and be part of an exciting, action packed training experience; one that goes beyond boring classroom instruction to shop floor application of LEAN Maintenance Optimization processes.

Learn, Apply, Retain – Three simple steps to becoming fluent in Maintenance Optimization. These three words form the basis for everything you will gain from our Rapid Learning Bootcamps for a good reason. You will learn the process, apply it on actual equipment and see for yourself the transformation through your own effort.

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