Lean Maintenance Solutions

You can't get Lean without first being Reliable!

Improvement initiatives like LEAN focus on eliminating waste first and then protecting product flow. Those of us in the Maintenance Reliability field understand that without reliability in our equipment and processes, we cannot be LEAN. The reason excess product inventory in the system exists in the first place is often as insurance against unreliable equipment and processes. As Maintenance Reliability improves, LEAN initiatives become more successfulWithout this excess inventory, when a failure occurs, product flow stops. Some feel it is the reason that JIT (just-in-time) achieved less than expected results in the 1980's and later became jokingly replaced with JIC (just-in-case)!

LAI understands there are two critical aspects to Maintenance Reliability:

The first is Equipment Reliability. These are the solutions which have direct impact at and on the equipment. Because of the visibility of these to the organization, companies tend to start with and put a primary focus on these.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness measures Maintenance ReliabilityThe second is Maintenance Process Reliability. These are the solutions that focus on improving the process of how the maintenance organization provides reliability to the plant or site. It includes not only the process of Maintenance, but all the other support functions below it.

LAI offers a host of solutions focused at maximizing product flow at optimal costs. When it comes to Maintenance Reliability, we bridge the gaps between Maintenance, Operations, Engineering and other departments and divisions, forming partnerships that drive results.

  • Maintenance Reliability Benchmark Assessment & Strategy Development
  • LEAN Assessment & Strategy Development
  • Performance Metric (Key Performance Indicator) Development
  • Constraint Management - Product focused
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness - Product constraint driven
  • Process Mapping & Optimization

Because of our diverse background, LAI can customize a Maintenance Reliability strategy to fit your needs regardless of the size of your organization, the stage of your efforts, or the industry you service!

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