LEAN Maintenance for Managers

Strategic Planning Series for Lean Maintenance Management Training

Design, Build and Optimize
Your Maintenance Strategy

4-Day Strategic Planning Workshop

This is the first ever training series that guides managers through the process of creating a custom Lean maintenance improvement strategy based on their facility’s specific needs. You walk away with a clearly defined plan of action, designed with obtainable milestones to keep the project moving and successfully implemented.

Our focus is not just to educate you; it is to empower you by giving you existing, proven tools for accelerated results.

So whether you are just beginning to design a lean maintenance strategy or whether you have been engulfed in a major improvement project, we can lead you to the successful Lean implementation paths that our clients are currently travelling. We’ll also guide you away from the known pitfalls that cause so many well-intentioned companies to fail. Finally you will be able to return from a training session with more than just great ideas and concepts; you will also have an actionable plan around them developed specifically for your site.

5-Step Format for Each Topic in the Workshop

The Lean Maintenance for Managers training workshop follows a consistent 5-Step format for each topic guaranteed to integrate industry-recognized Lean tools and techniques into any maintenance system.

Score Your Current System
Complete the PDCA self-assessment scorecard to benchmark where your maintenance management program is today.

Identify your Options
Learn what’s possible. Participate in process training specific to each course.

Uncover your Process Gaps
Apply your process training to your PDCA self-assessment results to reveal opportunities.

Develop your own Customized Strategy
Starting with LAI’s proven implementation templates, develop your custom plan of action.

Take Immediate Action
Implement your plan and begin to achieve your maintenance program potential!

With each topic following this consistent format, the activities in each part of the 4-day workshop  will move you forward in developing your complete strategic deployment plan.

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