How It Works

Your maintenance program can't be lean without first being reliable. That's why the fastest way to achieve your maintenance reliability goal is through our robust, three phase approach utilizing the DMAIC process.

Phase 1 activities, spanning Define and Measure, develop awareness and help clients quantify the business impact of system optimization. Phase 2  consists of strategy development where we Analyze your processes and provide a clear deployment plan that takes into account client specific issues.  Phase 3 is the application of tools, training, consulting and coaching so you can Improve and Control your maintenance procedures. Click the graphics to find out more about each approach phase.

Phase 1 tools include Rapid Learning Bootcamp training courses, a Business Impact Analysis Report, Maintenance Value Stream Map for respective work type and an optional Benchmark Assessment tool.

Rapid Learning Bootcamp

Bootcamps include 3-day onsite training with a number of off-site preparatory web meetings and, for private sessions, an in person executive overview and report out session at the end of the project. Bootcamps can be conducted either in a public setting (hosted in a neutral venue) where participating sites work on their own data in a common training atmosphere or privately hosted by the client on their property with 100% focus on their equipment/process/situation.

Business Impact Analysis Report

The Business Impact Analysis is a 3-day project (depending on size of organization), which includes 2 days of on-site data gathering and 1 day of off-site processing. The evaluation provides the client with a report which outlines the potential impact of prescribed solutions.

Benchmark Assessment (optional)

We will prepare a benchmark full-scale Maintenance & Reliability Assessment (500 Questions) that is facilitated and provides a turn-key operational assessment.

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