7 Wastes in PMs: Waiting (Part 5 of 8)

Idle time created when material, information, people, or equipment is not ready
The 4th of the 7 Wastes is Waiting. (See our previous posts for the first three; Over-Production, Transportation and Motion.)
Whenever goods or products are not being moved or processed, the time spent waiting is easily identified as waste.   Typically a significant percentage of a product’s manufacturing time is spent in waiting to be processed.  Waiting for inspections, parts, prints, information or machine repair  can add hours to the production cycle and is regarded as a loss to the entire plant output.
Waiting Waste in PMs:
  • PM Tasks waiting for equipment to be down that could be done while running. Centralized PM execution (all at once).
  • Waiting on equipment access.  PM's where maintenance schedule and production schedules do not match.  
  • Waiting for parts on discovered defects during the PM. Poor planning, lack of repair decision matrix.
The next of the 7 Wastes in our series will be Processing.
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