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Fusion Preventive Maintenance Management Software

Reliability Fusion™ PM Development/Optimization Software

The engine behind total maintenance optimization

Our Reliability Fusion™ software provides functionality that is missing from today’s CMMS providers, but that is integral to optimizing your maintenance program. Reliability Fusion™ optimizes maintenance and reliability through several modules, each focusing on specific aspects of the process.

As an independent software solution for your PM Development and Optimization, Work Management, or TPM Operator Care needs, Reliability Fusion™ will do everything you need and fills in the gaps in your maintenance processes.  The primary transaction is an annual subscription.

Reliability Fusion™ software works with single sites, multi-site locations and even for corporate enterprise implementations that span multiple languages, requiring communication with each other and is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

PM Development/Optimization

Reliability Fusion™ brings the powerful process of PMO right to your desktop and allows you to develop and optimize the most efficient preventive maintenance strategies including, PM, PdM and CBM activities.

Optimize by uncovering task redundancy and expose gaps of existing PM coverage, by comparing each aspect of existing PM. Include every attribute found in best in class PM’s such as; components and failure modes/indicators, standardized tasks with easy look up tables, task promotion, ideal craft assignment, P-F Interval calculator for frequency assignment, separate tasks into running/down status, detailed task instructions, tools/parts/lubricants, images, measurements per task and easy to export software functionality.


Component & Equipment PM Library

Leverage your work Immediately with Fusion’s Library both at an equipment level as well as more highly leveraged component level. Share your work between exercises, within the site and across many sites within your corporation.


Equipment Criticality Calculator

Easily calculate criticality using Fusion’s ECR calculator. Customize and weigh the ready-to-use categories for your team to simply select pre-populated choices. ECR calculations help to adjust PM strategies, frequencies and work priority.


Reporting & Exporting your Results

Run all the reports needed to assess the impact of your work. Know the effectiveness and efficiency numbers, expand your PdM program, and export your PM data to your CMMS.



TPM Operator Care

Reliability Fusion™ provides everything Operators need including Task instructions, Step by step detailed instructions, Estimates, Daily/Weekly check sheets. This allows operators to collect and track all desired reliability data such as pressures, temperatures, flow, speed. Any work identified can generate work orders within a client’s CMMS.


Create “Operator Friendly” Task Profile

Set it and forget it. Develop your site’s TPM profile defining “Operator Friendly” task qualifications. Once set you're notified when tasks meet your qualifications.


Print and Manage Operator Diagrams

Create visual aids and check sheets that make weekly activities easy and standardized. 


Develop Operator Care Activities

Create TPM & 5S activities that include all required task data ensuring consistency and accurate execution using the Task Images feature.