Reliability Fusion™ Optimization Software

Reliability Fusion™ Optimization Software

Obtain optimum results immediately using LAI’s Maintenance Optimization Suite. Intuitive automation, consistency and total control at your fingertips.

Rapid Learning Bootcamps

Rapid Learning Bootcamps

It’s called Bootcamp for a reason! Get ready to roll up your sleeves; Learn, Apply and Retain through this exciting hands-on training series.

Lean Maintenance Solutions

Lean Maintenance Solutions

Total system optimization through the most complete collection of LEAN tools designed specifically for Maintenance.

Certified e-Learning:  OnDemand Training

Certified e-Learning: OnDemand Training

Imagine the power of your team becoming Subject Matter Experts through high quality training - on your schedule.

Case studies show how we can improve your productivity and reduce costs.

After 36 Years working in 20+ countries, LAI Reliability is the Partner of choice.

Maintenance reliability is the key to success in your lean initiative.

Lean Maintenance Management Systems

LAI’s Lean Maintenance Management System portfolio provides our clients with a highly streamlined, engineered approach to maintenance reliability, utilizing PM Optimization, Value Stream Mapping for Maintenance, Maintenance Work Management and Total Productive Maintenance through Six Sigma DMAIC processes.  Our maintenance consulting approach is structured into a series of individual solutions; each implemented within three distinct phases; Assessment, Strategic Planning and Deployment.  With Reliability Fusion™, our CMMS software solution, maintenance planning and scheduling tasks are automated. Our Work Management SimulationSM workshops provide intensive, hands-on training to create awareness of opportunities to improve productivity through effective planning and scheduling.  E-learning that goes way beyond webinars fills out our portfolio of management solutions with world-class training on your schedule, branded and customized to fit your needs.  Call us today at (800) 993-2828 to get your maintenance reliability program fully optimized to save time and money through powerful Lean maintenance techniques.

Reliability Fusion offered by LAI Reliability Systems



Reliability Fusion™ is the world’s first Maintenance Optimization software that provides functionality that is missing from today’s CMMS providers, but that is integral to optimizing your maintenance program. Reliability Fusion™ optimizes preventive maintenance and Reliability Fusion Software Suite for Lean Maintenance Managementenhances maintenance reliability through a number of modules, each focusing on specific aspects of the process. The software allows your company to build a library of PMs that can be leveraged across multiple plants and to integrate TPM Operator Care into your reliability strategies.



Watch our Fusion™ Overview Video

Overview of Reliability Fusion FeaturesWe invite you to watch a video that will give you an overview of the extensive feature set for the Reliability Fusion™ software suite of Lean maintenance solutions. It could easily be two of the best minutes you could spend if you want to improve your maintenance management program, enhance equipment reliability and develop comprehensive preventive maintenance optimization strategies!


LAI Executive Summary

Overview of Reliability Fusion FeaturesWe invite you to watch a three-minute Executive Summary of our products and services and the Lean maintenance solutions that are central to our maintenance reliability programs. We'll introduce you to a combination of disciplines; the strongest collection offered by a single firm.

Work Management Simulation

An innovative, interactive workshop teaching maintenance planning and scheduling management concepts to a group, showing the importance of proactive maintenance and how maintenance reliability is attained.

Certified e-Learning

Our training systems are designed for maintenance and reliability professionals looking to go beyond the "sharing" of information into a results-based application of proven game-changing best practices.

PMOptimization Infographic

To help detail out our PMO offerings, we've developed an infographic of the PM Optimization Journey showing how LAI's product offerings can achieve a step change forward with your maintenance optimization.

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